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Fire Information Available On

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Sonora, Ca — A new section re-launched today on has a wealth of information to help you stay safe and up to date this fire season.

By clicking the FIRE INFO link, you can access information that explains why wildfire is such a threat in California-especially in our foothill region.

“This is essential information for responsible property owners who live in our area or who are considering a move here,” says Portal Content Manager Julie Eich.The site provides practical guides for homeowners to create 100 feet of defensible space around their homes, information on fire safe landscaping and fire resistant planting lists.”

Visitors will find evacuation plans for families, small animals and horses. Also available in the Fire Information Guide are suggestions on how to prepare the community for the next major wildfire.

“We are totally committed to bringing great content to our community,” says Eich.The new Fire Information Guide is a really valuable resource for anyone who wants to do what they can to protect their family and property from the ravages of wildfires in the Mother Lode.”

Written by BJ Hansen