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Coyote Sam Set For Sonora Visit

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Sonora, CA — Gun shots will be heard today around the noon hour in downtown Sonora thanks to Coyote Sam´s annual visit.

It´s a throwback to the gold mining days and it´s a bit of a prelude to the 50th Annual Mother Lode Roundup coming Mothers´ Day Weekend.

General Chairman Al O´Brien says Coyote Sam´s granddad started the annual shoot ´em up in the historic downtown area around 30-40 years ago.

O´Brien adds that this bunch of unsavory characters generally ride through town attempting to kiss all the girls. He adds it´s pretty obvious that all of them need a good hot shower and some serious dental work. In addition, all their horses need a bath. But as O´Brien stated, “We put up with them even though they´re always trying to disrupt our sponsors´ luncheon.”

Coyote Sam and his sidekicks are scheduled to make their appearance in the neighborhood of Diamondback Grill and Alfredo´s during the noon hour with their six shooters blazing.

Written by Bill Johnson