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Garamendi Brings Message Of “Pride” To Calaveras High School

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San Andreas, Ca — California´s Lieutenant Governor says he spotted a number of familiar faces during his stop at Calaveras High School Friday afternoon.

Democrat John Garamendi is a class of 1962 graduate. He was the special guest speaker at an educational pep rally for the students. Garamendi says his message isTake good pride in yourself and your school. That pride is not only found in the athletic abilities of the teams, but also in the academic performance of the individuals and the school.”

After the event, Garamendi said he is pleased that the legislature is taking a hard look at global climate change this session.The Governor, he´s turned into a ‘green Democrat´ as near as I can tell,” says Garamendi.I am absolutely delighted, I´m sitting there going ‘go Arnold go.´”

Garamendi says he has been personally advocating on behalf of environmental causes for over 30 years. Back in 1978, he first introduced the idea of giving tax credits for wind, solar and conservation efforts.

Garamendi says the issue of universal healthcare is equally important in the legislature. He concedes that he is not optimistic the state will adopt a universal system this session. He does say, however, that he believesthere will be some improvements.”

Written by BJ Hansen