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Cogdill Discouraged That Public Safety Bills Are Held Up In Committee

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Sacramento, CA — Republican State Senator Dave Cogdill says he is disappointed that it appears two public safety bills he has been pushing will not be voted on until at least 2008.

The Democratic Chair of the Public Safety Committee has taken a stand that no bills that could further the prison overcrowding problem will leave the committee until January.

Cogdill´s SB 591 would change the possession of methamphetamine from a simple misdemeanor to a felony, carrying the punishment of imprisonment in a state facility.

SB 712 would make the possession of a “booster bag” a misdemeanor for a first offense and a felony for the second. A “booster bag” is a device used by shoplifters to shield merchandise from detection by a theft alarm sensor. Currently, possession of this device is not a crime.

Cogdill states, “I am extremely discouraged by the Democrats in the Senate Public Safety Committee. By putting these bills off and not taking action on them until 2008, the Legislature is not fulfilling its commitment to pass thoughtful legislation designed to keep communities safe.”

Cogdill represents six counties, including Tuolumne.

Written by BJ Hansen