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Downum Works On Jail Funding

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San Andreas, CA — Calaveras County Sheriff Dennis Downum is working with the state on securing money for a new jail.

The county´s current facility is at capacity causing it to turn offenders away without serving time.

Downum told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday that the latest proposal between state sheriffs and the governor includes construction funding for 16,000 local beds throughout the state.

The board gave Downum the go ahead to study a bond measure for the 25 percent local match.

A new jail would cost $50 million, have 240-beds and include a new sheriff´s administration building.

Downum will also be meeting with the head of the state prison system to possibly reach a lease deal for state re-entry beds. The latest proposal calls for 16,000 state re-entry beds to be located on county property throughout the state.

Downum says he would much rather lease out county beds than have the state create a separate pod of its own.

Written by Vanessa Turner.