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Foothill Rideshare Program Hopes High Gas Prices Will Encourage Carpooling

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Sonora, CA — The rising gas prices will have a toll on all vehicle owners, especially those who commute out-of-county for work.

Organizers with the recently created Foothill Rideshare Program feel now is the time to look at ways to cut fuel usage. The program is a joint effort between the Tuolumne County Transportation Council, Calaveras County Council of Governments and the Amador County Transportation Commission.

Spokesperson Renee Chapman says the purpose is to partner up individuals who travel to work in neighboring foothill communities, the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys, or the Bay Area. Chapman says,Our whole group feels like if we can introduce people to it, get them to try it, they might really like it.” Chapman adds that people would be able to sleep, read a book or even balance a checkbook on their way to work.

Chapman says the organization is encouraging residents to click on and fill out the free online application form. Applicants will then be alerted of other commuters in the region.

Written by BJ Hansen