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Dispatchers Are Crucial To Public Safety

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San Andreas, CA — It takes a special person who can remain calm during a crisis and deliver the correct and timely response to save lives.

And it´s those kind of people that work at the Calaveras County Sheriff´s Department 9-11 Dispatch Center.

Senior Dispatcher Catherine Martin navigates her way through multiple computer screens, telephones and radio channels in this complex, high-stress job. These tasks are performed simultaneously by these conductors of public safety.

Dispatchers work around the clock in the 9-11 Center serving as the vital link between residents and emergency services.

In 2006 there were more than 39,000 calls logged into the dispatch system ranging from reports of fire to major manpower incidents.

With the county´s growth in population there has been an increase in calls for service. That means more staff is needed to answer those calls. There are eight dispatchers on staff and one in training covering 12-hour shifts.

There are some positions currently open in the dispatch center. Anyone interested can contact the Sheriff´s Department at (209) 754-6500.

Written by Vanessa Turner.