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National Ski Patrol To Host Training Sessions

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Dodge Ridge, CA — So you´ve thought about maybe trying to quality for the National Ski Patrol but you´ve never really done anything about it.

Coming up Saturday from 8am to 4pm at Dodge Ridge, you´ll have a chance to learn the skills that are necessary for membership in the all-volunteer organization.

The first Ski-Board Check-off is then scheduled for Sunday, March 18 from 7:30am to 3:30pm at Dodge Ridge and that will mark the start of the training process. National Ski Patrol member Renee Schuster says the 12 sessions include basic first aid and emergency care training.

National Ski Patrol members can always be identified by their red jackets and vests. While all members are permitted to ski for free at Dodge Ridge, Schuster maintains the top benefit is the comraderie with fellow skiers.

Written by Bill Johnson