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Four Sonorans Arrested Following Attempted Backpack Theft

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Sonora, CA — An attempted theft of a backpack at the Sonora Salvation Army on Pesce Way early Tuesday afternoon resulted in the arrest of four individuals on various drug and other charges.

The victim was able to identify the thief´s vehicle. Sonora Police officers then proceeded to East Bald Mountain Rd. where they arrested 41 year old Lisa Barton. They also arrested 19 year old Cassady Grambergu and 20 year old Elizabeth Luepke both of Sonora. The former was identified as the individual who had attempted to steal the backpack.

Jerry Coey then joined the conversation and he, too, was arrested for being under the influence of methamphetamine. At times both Luepke and Coey became combative with S.P.D. officers. All four were booked into the County Jail.

Written Bill Johnson