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Berryhill Named As Legislator Of The Year By A.C.W.A.

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Long Beach, CA — At its recently held statewide fall conference and exhibition, the Association of California Water Agencies named 25th District Assemblyman Tom Berryhill as the organization´s Legislator of the Year.

The A.C.W.A. acknowledged Berryhill following his two year fight to pass legislation to curb metal theft in California. Assembly Bill 844 took effect December 1 and will finally provide the additional enforcement tools for local police and prosecutors to help stem the tide of this growing crime.

Stated A.C.W.A. President Glen Peterson, “Thanks to the tenacity of Assembly Member Berryhill the bill was ultimely signed effectively ending a year-long impasse and putting real solutions in place. He deserves our appreciation and our recognition for sticking with AB 844 and crafting a law that addresses a key problem for water agencies and many other businesses throughout California.”

From Berryhill, “I am honored to be recognized by a group who does so much to protect California´s precious water supply. California´s water is a vital commodity and the life-blood for many central valley communities. AB 844 was quite a fight and I was proud to have the A.C.W.A. standing alongside me the whole time. I look forward to continuing our work together to protect California´s vital resources.”

Written by Bill Johnson