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Lawton Says County Bracing For Additional Cuts

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Angels Camp, Ca — Calaveras County Administrator Bob Lawton says that county leaders will be watching the state´s actions very closely over the coming weeks as the Governor is asking for a special session to discuss ongoing budget problems.

?Our departments and elected officials submitted and adopted a budget this year that made, what we thought then, were worst case assumptions about what the state could do,? says Lawton. ?I would hate to have to go back and say, ?Oh, all that bad news that we gave you, well guess what, its worse.´ I´m watching like everyone else and have my fingers crossed, but don´t know how much good it is going to do.?

Lawton says that with revenues down at the state level, county governments may be among the first to see additional cuts.

Lawton was the guest speaker Wednesday at the Calaveras Taxpayers Association luncheon at Greenhorn Creek in Angels Camp.

Written by BJ Hansen