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Sonora Police Department To Deal With Dog Shooting Case

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Sonora, CA — Arend Minners has filed a complaint with the Sonora Police Department over the death of his boxer mix Macey Tuesday morning.

A police officer shot and killed the animal who had approached him on the Minners property in a menacing manner.

Shortly after 10am the Police Department received a call concerning dogs chasing other animals in the area of Saratoga Rd. Officers responded and traced the animals to Minners´ address.

Police Chief Mace McIntosh will review the complaint to determine if it is substantiated, unsubstantiated or unfounded. After a thorough investigation he will then hand down a determination as to whether or not his officer acted appropriately given the circumstances.

If he rules that correct procedure was followed, the party could possibly appeal to the city for damages but there would be no direct appeal to McIntosh´s decision.

Written by Bill Johnson