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Brothers At War Screened In Sonora

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Sonora, CA — Brothers At War, a high definition presentation documenting the U.S. Military´s efforts in Iraq, was privately screended at the Regal Cinemas Saturday morning.

The Jake Rademacher directed documentary was shot on location during three trips in which he was embedded with U.S. Army personnel. Rademacher´s two younger brothers are both serving in Iraq; one is a commissioned officer while the other enlisted upon his high school graduation.

Unlike a Hollywood backlot where the director is in charge, the movement of the military is the ruling force in attempting to shoot a documentary in a war zone. Such was the case when the unit in which Rademacher was embedded was ambushed by insurgents.

Beloved Pictures President Caleb Applegate commented after viewing Brothers At War for the second time, “I´m speechless. This presentation is such a great tribute to the men and women of our military who are making such a positive difference in Iraq.”

The private screening was held in order to invite potential investors to consider becoming a part of Beloved Pictures efforts to raise prints and advertising capital for Brothers At War.

Beloved Pictures and Rademacher are hopeful of a national release in October.

Written by Bill Johnson