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Calaveras County Repeat DUI Offenders Could Lose Vehicle

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San Andreas, Ca — Calaveras County District Attorney Jeff Tuttle says that his office is taking steps in all qualified DUI cases to force the guilty party to forfeit the vehicle involved in the offense.

?We´re sick and tired of the DUI´s that we see here, and we´re serious about the prosecution of driving under the influence cases,? says Tuttle. That´s why we are going to start taking cars in every case we are allowed to by the law to keep people off the roads while they´re drinking.?

Tuttle says that VC Section 23596 authorizes the court to forfeit repeat offenders´ ownership rights to the vehicle involved in a DUI. Those vehicles will be ordered sold by the Sheriff´s Department, and the proceeds will be kept by the County.

Tuttle says that he will file a motion to forfeit the vehicle in all cases authorized by Section 23596.

Written by BJ Hansen