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Report Indicates Tuolumne County Seniors Would Like More Public Transportation

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Sonora, Ca — The results of a recent study conducted by the Tuolumne County Commission on Aging show that many seniors feel that the County lacks public transportation options.

The findings were delivered to the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors by the Commission´s Recording Secretary Judy Finley, who said that 70 percent of seniors surveyed feel that more transportation options are needed in the County. 36 percent live outside of an area where public transportation is offered, 33 percent travel outside of the County at least once per month for medical appointments and 13 percent feel isolated from the community.

Finley added that only nine percent of seniors say that they do not drive, which is well below the national average of 21 percent. ?Probably because we don´t have the transportation options, we have seniors on the road who shouldn´t be there,? said Finley.

No action was taken in regards to the report. It was simply given to the Board of Supervisors as reference for future planning.

Written by BJ Hansen