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Congressman Lungren Discusses Energy Crisis

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Copperopolis, Ca — While attending a town hall meeting at the Copperopolis Armory this week, Republican U.S. Representative Dan Lungren said there is one overriding issue that is on all of his constituents minds these days.

?The biggest concern is energy, second biggest concern is energy, the third biggest concern is energy,? says Lungren. ?Gas prices are really hurting people. Even though we have seen moderation of those energy spikes in the past couple of weeks, it is still at numbers we have never seen before or even thought of before.?

Lungren says that the U.S. needs to have a new comprehensive energy policy, and notes that he is in favor of increased offshore drilling, oil shale development, drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, nuclear power, wind farms and solar power.

Lungren says he feels that everything must be on the table in order to bring energy costs back down.

Written by BJ Hansen