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Yosemite Still Encourages Tourists To Visit Park

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Yosemite, Ca — Despite the fact that the 32,000 acre telegraph fire is burning near the entrance of Yosemite, park officials are still encouraging tourists not to think twice about making the park a travel destination.

?To be honest, it is absolutely beautiful right now,? says Park Spokesperson Adrienne Freeman. ?There are blue skies, it´s quiet, and really looking good.?

The conditions, however, have varied based on weather, time and location.

?We have seen an inversion layer move in a little in the afternoon, but that´s fairly typical of the conditions that we have seen with all of the fires burning across the state,? adds Freeman. ?It really does depend on wind and weather conditions, but right now it really is beautiful.?

Hwy 140 remains closed to traffic during the daylight hours so that fire crews can stage equipment. The closure is also so that helicopters can fly low to the ground and not have to worry about traffic on the roadway. All of the other major roads going into the park are open.

Written by BJ Hansen