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Dogs Not Allowed In Pinecrest Day Use Area

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Pinecrest, Ca — Since 2004 there has been a rule that dogs are not allowed within the Pinecrest day use area, but up until this time only warnings have been issued by the Forest Service.

Information Officer Jerry Snyder says $50 tickets will be given to owners that violate the rule which is in effect between the period of May 15th to September 15th.

The day use area lies between the Marina and the Fishing Pier. This area is generally known as the picnic area and includes the beaches and amphitheater.

Snyder says that with increased use at Pinecrest, there seems to be an increasing number of dogs coming to the area. He says that the need to issue tickets is unfortunate, but visitors continue to bring their dogs to Pinecrest and conflicts have been occurring.

For visitors that want to walk their dogs around the lake, there is a designated walk trail along the south edge of the day use area, next to Pinecrest Lake Drive. The dog walk connects the two trailheads that access the trail around the lake where dogs are allowed. The dog walk is marked with paw prints.

Written by BJ Hansen