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Slawinsky Brothers Reach Plea Bargain

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Sonora, Ca — The Jamestown brothers accused of killing Carl Stephen Knight and dumping his body in Lake Don Pedro have accepted a plea bargain agreement of voluntary manslaughter.

Robert Earl Slawinsky and his brother Paul Curtis Slawinsky were involved in a fight with Knight back on April 6th at a Jamestown residence, and Knight has been missing ever since.

There was an extensive search for the body, but it was never located. The Slawinsky brothers will be sentenced on August 11th at 3:30pm in Department One of Superior Court. According to Presiding Judge Eric L. DuTemple the two would have to serve a minimum of 85 percent of any sentence they receive.

They could be sentenced anywhere from three to eleven years in prison. If Knights body is found prior to August 11th, the judge could order a trial with new charges.

The mother of the victim, Debra Knight, said that the family will continue with the search. She added that Tuolumne County is the perfect place to murder someone and successfully hide the body because of the sparsley populated area.

Previously the Slawinsky brothers had been charged with first degree murder.

Written by BJ Hansen