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$383,000 Sliced From Million Dollar VNA-Hospice

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Sonora, CA — With three staff reductions along with other cost-saving moves, the CAO´s office, with the approval of the Board of Supervisors, eliminated approximately $383,000 from that million dollar VNA-Hospice deficit.

Three office assistant positions were eliminated. Two of those individuals will move into the Social Services Department while the third will move to Public Health.

Still another move will see the fulltime Bereavement Coordinator´s (Janet Crook) position changed to a halftime position.

Outgoing Chair Mark Thornton cast the only “nay” vote of the five supervisors. desiring to see the Bereavement Coordinator´s position status remain unchanged at least through the end of the fiscal year.

CAO Craig Pedro commented there will be continuing effort to eliminate the deficit by reducing expenses and creating a greater volumne of patients.

Written by Bill Johnson