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San Andreas Delays Justice Center Property Decision

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San Andreas, CA — According to outgoing Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Claudino the five member panel has put off until possibly Jan. 22 any decision regarding the purchase of 57 acres of land north of the Government Center for future Justice Center expansion.

The two property owners have been identified as Opinski Development and C.R.V. Development headed up by Ryan Voorhees.

At Tuesday´s meeting it was the intent of the Board to put a “resolution of necessity” in place in case the Board was forced to utilize “eminent domain” to acquire the property.

The Board took no action for two reasons. According to Claudino, Opinski Development had some objections to Board action through the company´s new attorney. Opinski has made an offer which the Board will now consider.

Secondly C.R.V. Development was not present for the Board meeting.

Claudino is hopeful the county can negotiate a settlement with the two developers rather than invoking “eminent domain.”

Written by Bill Johnson