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New Angels Camp Police Chief Is On The Job

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Angels Camp, Ca — Dale Mendenhall has begun his tour of duty as the new Angels Camp Police Chief.

Mendenhall, who was approved by the City Council on December 18th, is in the midst of his first week on the job.

“Everyone I´ve met so far has been really helpful and very friendly,” says Mendenhall. “I am very glad to be here.”

The new Police Chief previously spent 28 years with the Delano, Ca Police Department in the San Joaquin Valley. Mendenhall says the biggest challenge during his first week has been getting caught up on the history of the area, and learning why operations in the department are done in a certain way.

“My biggest goal is to turn this into our department and not just my show,” adds Mendenhall. “I want this to be a team effort with everyone.”

Written by BJ Hansen