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Lost Dog Travels 500 Miles In Five Months

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Sonora, Ca — Sonora postal carrier Stacey Knight received a call this week that her mother´s lost dog had been found in Sacramento.

The Doxie, named Spud, had disappeared five months ago from her mother´s home. What makes this story unique is that her mother lives in Lakeview, Oregon.

Spud was dropped off at the shelter in Sacramento anonymously, so Knight and her mother have no idea how the dog traveled 500 miles in a span of five months.

“He was in pretty good shape,” says Knight. “He is still alive and his spirits are high.”

The shelter was able to pinpoint Knight´s mother as the owner thanks to a computer chip in the dog´s neck that allowed the shelter to track her via computer technology.

Knight is currently keeping Spud at her home, and is looking forward to meeting her mother in Reno in the near future for a happy reunion. Knight´s mother plans to take Spud back home to Oregon.

Written by BJ Hansen