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Senate Health Committee Squashes Democrats Health Care Plan

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Sacramento, CA — Monday the Senate Health Committee rejected Assembly Bill 1X, the $14.9 billion state run government health care plan that was proposed by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and endorsed by his fellow Democrats.

Republicans called the plan a government-run health care scheme that would impose a costly new jobs tax on nearly every California business and a host of other tax increases while doing nothing to make health care more affordable or accessible for Californians.

District One State Senator Dave Cox, who represents Calaveras County, stated, “the proposed health care plan was based on fairytale like assumptions. They didn´t do it in Massachusetts and California certainly has higher costs and more mandates.”

Cox added, “There will come a time when physicians will say they will not pay to treat someone.”

Stated Senate Health Committee Vice-Chair Sam Aanestad (Republican-Grass Valley), “Extracting billions of dollars in new taxes from employers will just drive many of them out of business. We can come up with a better plan.”

Written by Bill Johnson