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Extra Funding For Tuolumne County Not Included In Economic Stimulus Package

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Washington, DC — Tuolumne County Supt. of Schools Joe Silva is in Washington, DC today lobbying Senators about the merits of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act.

The act would provide $2.5 million to the county to improve schools and roads, which would make up for a loss of revenue resulting from a decline in the timber industry.

“Everybody is very supportive about the bill, but unfortunately everybody has told us that it is too late to get us into the stimulus package that they are debating right now,” says Silva via telephone.

Silva says there is still a chance the Secure Rural Schools funding could be included in an Iraq War or Energy supplemental bill.

The funding could also be included in future No Child Left Behind legislation. Silva notes, however, that No Child Left Behind is something that has been controversial for numerous different reasons.

Silva is in Washington, DC as a guest of the National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition.

Written by BJ Hansen