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Good Samaritan Finds $10,000 In Downtown Sonora

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Sonora, Ca — Leslie Pagani noticed a bank bag on the ground near the Bank of America drop box in downtown Sonora Tuesday afternoon at 1pm.

She opened up the bag, and to her surprise found $10,000 in cash. “I zipped it back up and squeezed it like a football,” says Pagani. “I just went, ‘wow.´”

When Pagani arrived back at her place of work she shuffled through the bag and found that it belonged to Proctor Dental Labs of Sonora. In the meantime, Proctor started conducting an extensive search for the bag, and reported to the Police Department that it was missing.

Pagani contacted Proctor Dental Labs to let the company know that she had found the bag. It was then returned to its rightful owner shortly after the two sides got off the telephone.

The $10,000 question, was she ever tempted to keep the newly discovered cash?

“It can run through your mind that you have debts and this and that, but what kept running through my mind is that I need to figure out who this belongs to,” says Pagani.

For her honesty, Pagani was given a $100 bill.

Written by BJ Hansen