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“”Huffing”” Leads To Vehicle Accident In Sonora

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Sonora, Ca — When the Sonora PD responded to a vehicle collision on Mono Way Tuesday afternoon near Kings View, officers found that the 16-year-old female driver and her two teenage passengers had fled on foot.

Officers then quickly initiated a search and were able to locate the suspects and take them into custody.

“During the investigation, officers learned that the driver and her passengers were driving down the road and doing what is referred to as ‘huffing,´” says Lt. Mark Stinson. “They were inhaling Dust Off, which is a computer keyboard cleaning chemical that makes individuals high and causes them to lose consciousness at times.”

Stinson notes that the female was “huffing” at the time of the accident, which led her to lose control of the vehicle a collide with a wall.

He points out that inhaling this type of chemical is a growing problem among teenagers nationwide.

“Kids are using household cleaners and other items basically just to get a high, and unfortunately these chemicals are destroying their brain cells and other organs inside their body,” says Stinson.

The unidentified female driver was arrested for DUI, driving without a license and hit and run. One of the passengers was arrested for possession of an inhalant with intent to inhale, and the other juvenile was released to a parent.

Written by BJ Hansen