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Supervisors Approve Conceptual J.P.A. For Economic Development

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Sonora, CA — By a unanimous vote the Board of Supervisors conceptually approved of a Joint (city-county) Powers Authority and the initial funding for an economic vitality organization.

Tuolumne CAO Craig Pedro summarized a list of seven key points published by the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) following the Economic Development Summit of two weeks ago. The list included 1) revitalize economic development organization, 2) secure funding, 3) build community support through education and communication, 4) develop an inventory of assets and needs, 5) streamline development processes, 6) build a business assistance program and 7) build necessary infastructure to implement the vision identified at the economic development summit.

CALED CEO Wayne Shell commented that in rural counties it is traditional that local government shoulders the funding portion of the project due to the lack of industry. He added that the city and the county must work closely together if any degree of success is to be realized.

Written by Bill Johnson