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Berryhill Pushing For Death Penalty Reform

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Sacramento, Ca — Republican Assemblyman Tom Berryhill is one of the leaders pushing for extensive death penalty reform in the state.

Berryhill has authored Assembly Bill 2745 and co-authored Assembly Bill 2228.

AB 2745 is designed to allow victims of capital crimes and their families to have certain rights during the appeals process that are not currently provided.

AB 2228 calls for changes to be made to ensure that witness testimony is not lost in a death penalty case due to the death of a witness.

The two bills are part of a comprehensive Death Penalty Reform Act of 2008, consisting of seven Senate and Assembly Bills seeking to end delays of capital cases, reform victims rights and add the murder of a child under the age of 14 to the list of crimes for which the death penalty may be sought.

Written by BJ Hansen