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Calaveras Budget Discussions To Wrap Today

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San Andreas, CA — Today will mark the third and final day of the three-day county budget discussions by the Board of Supervisors.

Today´s meeting is scheduled for a 9am start at the San Andreas Town Hall at 24 Church Hill Rd.

County Administrative Officer Bob Lawton readily admits this is an extremely difficult budget year because of declining revenues and increased expenses.

Contingencies have been cut by approximately $600,000. While law enforcement, specifically the Sheriff´s Department, will receive an additional $700,000 as compared to a year ago, general government expenditures will be reduced by over $600,000.

Lawton states that the state budget process is currently in the greatest turmoil that he can remember in recent years. Due to the state´s current deficit Calaveras County will lose a $400,000 CalMet grant for narcotics enforcement.

Lawton adds that the county cannot deficit spend like the state. He stated that the county cannot buy groceries on a credit card and then pay the balance off at a later date. The county has to solve today´s problems with today´s revenues.

The supervisors will vote on the proposed budget July 1. If approved the county will operate under that budget until the state finalizes its budget.

Written by Bill Johnson