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Health Precautions Advised Due To Smoke

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San Andreas, Ca — With smoke filling the air from multiple fires burning all across Northern California, health officials are advising residents to take precautions to prevent exposure to wildfire smoke.

According to the Jeanne Boyce with the Calaveras County Public Health Department, the individuals more sensitive to the effects of smoke include those with respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, heart disease, the elderly, children, pregnant women and those who smoke.

Calaveras County Health Officer Dr. Dean Kelaita advises sensitive residents to limit their time outdoors, keep house windows and doors closed, set air conditioners to re-circulate air if possible, limit physical activity and exertion, follow your asthma management plan and reduce indoor air pollutants such as tobacco smoke, vacuuming and use of paints and solvents.

“People with heart or lung disease who experience repeated coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness or pain should contact their doctor or clinic,” says Kelaita in a statement. “If an existing illness gets worse due to smoke exposure, get medical assistance.”

Written by BJ Hansen