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Anti-Smoking Campaign To Visit Sonora

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Sonora, CA — Monday Sonora Regional Medical Center will sponsor a virtual day long presentation on why smoking should be eliminated from anyone’s lifestyle.

Patrick Reynolds, the grandson of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds, will speak to Summerville High School students at 9am on the merits of leading a tobacco free lifestyle.

At noon Reynolds and S.R.M.C. will host an “open to the public” presentation along the same lines at the Opera Hall. S.R.M.C. will also provide a complimentary lunch. Reservations must be made by contacting the Hospital at (209) 536-5020.

At 1:15 Reynolds will address the students at Sonora High School.

It may seem contradictory that the grandson of a tobacco legend would be an anti-smoking advocate, but Reynolds has lost several members of his family due to smoking related illnesses.

Mr. Reynolds was partly motivated by the deaths of his father and other family members from tobacco use, and partly by his own ten year struggle to break an addiction to cigarettes. He has noted that, “When my grandfather began manufacturing cigarettes at the turn of the century, he did not know that smoking causes lung disease, heart disease and cancer. Now that this has been absolutely proven, I want to help people wake up to how addictive and poisonous cigarettes are.”

Click THE FOUNDATION FOR A SMOKE FREE AMERICA for additional information. 

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