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Turn Lane Planned For Hwy 108 at Via Este

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Sonora, CA — Caltrans says a left turn lane will be installed on Hwy 108 at the intersection of Via Este.

Spokesperson Bob Boswell says, "We looked at all of the data over a five year period for this location, and compared it to similar locations statewide. The comparison showed that there were a total of nine left turn collisions, which was three times higher than the statewide average."

As part of the project, Hwy 108 will be widened near Via Este.

"A contract for the State Route 108/Via Este Left Turn Channelization Project is anticipated to be awarded on December 23rd, 2009," adds Boswell. "The project should be completed in the Fall of 2010."

A fatal accident recently occurred at this location during the last week of September.

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