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Tuolumne County Leaders Watching Delta Water Bill Package

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Sonora, CA – A Delta Water Bill package in Sacramento could potentially have a profound impact on Tuolumne County, so the Supervisors and the T.U.D. Board of Directors held a joint meeting Tuesday afternoon.

In recent months, California has made strides to develop a plan addressing problems with the overall water system with emphasis on the Delta, through which 70 percent of the state’s water supply flows.

“They are requiring the Department of Fish and Game to evaluate each creek, river and stream, anything that could ever have a fish in it, and determine what the optimal fish flows would be for every tributary to the Delta,” said T.U.D. General Manager Pete Kampa. “Then they are going to revise the water rights system in the state, so that the State Water Resources Control Board has not only the right, but the obligation to pursue violators of water rights.”

The County and T.U.D decided to actively participate in a state required Pinecrest Lake Level Study. Kampa is worried that the state could potentially reduce the amount of water available for public consumption in Pinecrest Lake.

The two groups also plan to reaffirm T.U.D.’s water and the County’s power rights out of New Melones, as well as establish partnerships with other regional stakeholders.

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