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Mystery Goo On Sonora Roadway Identified

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Sonora, CA – The mystery of a bubbling goo that appeared to be coming up from the ground and eroding the asphalt along a Sonora roadway has been solved.

Concerned workers at businesses along Mechanical Drive , between Longeway Road and Highway 108, alerted Clarke Broadcasting to the spill last month, as reported here with video of the substance. Callers wondered what the strange material was and whether it was hazardous. We, in turn, contacted the Tuolumne County Environmental Health Department for answers. Director Rob Kostlivy, has now pinpoint the chemical in question as Klean-Strip, which is an aircraft paint remover that was being used by a nearby business. It was accidentally spilled onto the ground and attempts to hose it down with water only compounded the problem by allowing it to flow down the roadway.

Kostlivy details that he oversaw the cleanup of about 15 gallons of stripper. It involved a hazardous waste collection team placing a granulated absorbent material directly on the spill. Once it was absorbed, the liquid was swept into a plastic container and then disposed. No injuries or illnesses were reported by the workers.

State law requires a permit from the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) for businesses that use specific quantities of chemicals or meets waste thresholds, according to Kostlivy. He admits, “Unfortunately, some businesses fall through the cracks and are unaware of the CUPA permitting. This facility was one of those.” Kostlivy added, “We are working with that business to offer education and to get them into our CUPA program for proper oversight.”

As a reminder, Kostlivy, advises any local business that fits this category or questions whether they do, call his office to set up an appointment to determine if their operation requires oversight or is allowed an exemption.

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