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Supervisors Endorse Proposal To Challenge State Over Gas Tax

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Sonora, CA — By a unanimous and emphatic vote this morning the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors decided to cooperate with CSAC (California State Association of Counties), other counties and cities in litigation challenging the constitutionality of any seizure by state government of the Highway Users Tax Account (HUTA) funds.

County Public Works Director Peter Rei commented that the loss of such funds would amount to approximately $1.9 million. Rei added that there could be a possible layoff of 29 of the 55 road fund positions. He stated that even half that amount would seriously reduce the county’s ability to service and maintain roads to anything close to an acceptable level.

CAO Craig Pedro added that the county needs to take a strong posture in supporting any litigation against the state because, “This is more than saying we don’t like this … this is not following the law. This is something the state has done consistantly back to a lot of bad practices that has got them into trouble. They have just flaunted things in the face of what the law allows or doesn’t allow. It’s more than just saying we don’t like the idea of losing the money, it’s also saying this is against the law … you (the state) need to honor the law.”