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Sonora Dentist Pleads Guilty To One Charge: Additional Offenses Dropped

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Sonora, CA — A plea agreement has been reached in the case of Sonora dentist Scott Henning.

“Prior to the preliminary examination I had discussions with Dr. Henning’s attorney and we reached an agreement whereby Dr. Henning pleaded guilty to count one which is Lewd Acts with a Minor of 15 years of age,” says District Attorney Donald Segerstrom. “The other three counts were dismissed, with a waiver such that the sentencing court can consider those acts in determining what the appropriate sentence for Dr. Henning would be.”

The charges dropped were soliciting a minor for a sexual act, creating an image of the minor in a sexual conduct and possessing an image of a minor engaging in or simulating sexual activity.

The agreement is that Dr. Henning will have a psychological evaluation. If he is not considered a risk to society, he could be placed on probation, receive mandatory counseling and be sentenced up to a year in jail.

If the psychiatrist finds that Dr. Henning is a danger to the community he would have the option to withdraw his guilty plea because he would likely face a stiffer penalty, possibly time in state prison.

Written by bjhansen