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Budget Shortfall Hits Calaveras County Cal WORKs Program

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San Andreas, CA — At least eight members of the Calaveras County CalWORKs program have lost their jobs due to budget reductions from the state.

According to CAO Bob Lawton at least 20 notices were sent out due to union rules calling for all members that might be affected by a reduction to be formally notified.

Lawton added that the CalWORKs (California Works Opporutnities & Responsibility To Kids) program is funded by the state and the county while being administered by the county.

Lawton commented, “Unfortunately what’s going on is that at the same time demand is rising these are the programs that are being cut back and sometimes proposed for elimination by the state. So unfortunately as the state reduced its funding so too was the county required to scale back the appropriations for CalWORKs for which we are essentially a passthrough.” 

The CalWORKs program provides temporary financial assistance and employment focusd services to families with minor children who have income and property below state miximum limits for their family size. Most able-bodied aided parents are also required to participate in the CalWORKs employment services program.