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Snowpack Water Content Remains Well Below Average

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Sacramento, CA — While the official April measurements will not be taken until Thursday, the Department of Water Resources already knows the snowpack water content level will remain well below average for March.

According to Ted Thomas from the D.W.R. as of today the electronic sensors have measured the northern Sierra Nevada at 88 percent of normak, the central at 82 percent and the southern at 79 percent. Overall California stands at 83 percent of normal.

Thomas added that the state’s two largest reservoirs remain well below average. Lake Oroville (State Water Project) services 25 million Californians and just under one million acres of farm land. As of March 30, Lake Oroville is measured at only 55 percent of capacity. Shasta Lake (Federal Government’s Central Valley Project) has a capacity of 4.5 million acre feet but currently is measured at only 63 percent of capacity.

Thomas commented that with spring and summer weather arriving it is highly unlikely there will be any additional major storms to increase the snowpack. That said Thomas commented, "It is critical that all Californians practice strict conservation over the spring, summer and fall months."