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Property Tax Scams Spur Warning

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Sonora, CA — Due to a rise in property tax scams reported across the state, Attorney General Jerry Brown is warning all California residents to be on alert.

Following up on a story reported last week, California residents are receiving mailers from companies promising that their property taxes will decrease if the homeowner pays hundreds of dollars to middlemen to have the property re-evaluated. Homeowners can actually receive this service free of charge by contacting the County Assessors Office.

“Unfortunately with the economy being down it has brought out some unscrupulous businesses,” says Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson. “They are trying to prey on the homeowner.”

The companies use names such as “Tax Adjusters,” “Tax Readjustment” and “Tax Review.”

Homeowners who believe they are a victim of the scam are being asked to contact the Attorney Generals Office at 1-800-952-5225.

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