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Columbia Robbery Suspect Arrested In Long Beach On Murder Charges

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Long Beach, CA — A gun used during a robbery in Columbia back on December 7th was allegedly used by the suspect to carry out a murder in Long Beach a week earlier.

18-year-old Delmar Young has been arrested in southern California, according to Detective Eric Erhardt of the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Office.

Young allegedly shot and killed a 15 year-old male in Long Beach on November 29th and then fled to Columbia were a robbery was carried out at student dorm on December 7th. A search warrant was issued and a gun related to the incident was located by Sheriff´s Office detectives. In the meantime, Young then fled back to the Long Beach area where he was eventually arrested.

Erhardt says he has been in contact with Long Beach Police throughout the investigation. The gun was transferred to Long Beach, and officials have reason to believe it was used in both incidents.

Written by BJ Hansen