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S.C.C. Continues Investigation Surrounding Riot

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Jamestown, CA — Hispanic and African-American prisoners remain on lockdown at the Sierra Conservation Center as officials continue to investigate what sparked a Friday evening brawl.

“We haven´t got much indication as to what occurred and why the riot actually happened,” says Lt. Jimmy Hurtado. “Until they start talking, we´ll continue to interview inmates and try to get information to help us determine when we should go back to a normal program.”

“Until then they will stay down inside the dorms and we´ll restrict their movement,” he adds.

The Hispanic and African-American prisoners are only allowed out of the dorm space during dinnertime.

An estimated 60 were involved in the fight that broke out at 8:30pm on January 16. There were no injuries to prison personnel, but there were some minor injuries suffered by inmates.

Written by BJ Hansen