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New Laws And Gas Tax Increase Today

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Sacramento, CA — Some new laws take effect today in California. One of the most high profile is a requirement of a background check to now purchase ammunition in the state.

As part of voter approved Proposition 63, customers purchasing bullets must now show ID and pay for an instant background check. Assuming every comes out clear, the process is expected to take a couple of minutes, and cost a dollar.

The gas tax is going up today. It is due to SB 1 that was approved in 2017. The price for a gallon of gas will increase by another 5.7 cents. It is in addition to a 12 cent SB 1 related increase two years ago.

Other things going into effect today include AB 748 that requires law enforcement to release body camera video and audio from police shootings within 45 days of the incident, and SB 1148 that requires doctors give patients notification if they are on probation for misconduct.