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Tuolumne County Supervisors Move On A.N. Francisco Building Remodel Project

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Sonora, CA — By a unanimous vote this morning the Tuolumne County supervisors approved a $197,000 personal service agreement with Stafford King Wiese Architects for the remodel of the A.N. Francisco Building.

CAO Craig Pedro says the remodel will include addressing the HVAC problem, maximizing space and improving the service areas for the general public. The overall project will cost approximately $2 million.

Pedro emphasized that the county generally will pay cash for all such projects but due to the decline in the Growth Impact Mitigation fees, funding will have to be borrowed. The recent fees have decreased from a high of $678,000 in 2004-2005 to approximately $200,000 this year.

Pedro added the the county could go to the municipal lease market and seek a five to 10 year loan keeping the interest as low as possible. The other possibility is borrowing internally from, for example, the workers compensation fund with full repayment made in five years. Pedeo admitted he favors the latter.

Maureen Frank from the County Administration Office said that it would take approximately six months to obtain the architectual drawings and have them evaluated by the Planning Commission.

Written by Bill Johnson