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Rally To Support Amador Motors: Owner Continues Talks With GMAC

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Jackson, CA — Community members have organized a rally that will be held at noon Saturday at the new Amador Motors dealership located in Jackson.

On December 22nd Amador Motors, Prospect Motors and Amador Toyota were forced to close the doors for business after GMAC froze the accounts of owner Frank Halvorson due to the financial struggles of the auto industry.

80 people were employed by the dealerships, which has put a negative dimple in the local economy.

Halvorson says negotiations between GMAC are ongoing, and recently their have been some positive developments.

“Maybe it´s a combination of the community support and some things that have happened with their bailout and recognition as a bank,” says Halvorson. “I have had conversations with GMAC in the past couple of days and we´re continuing those talks in trying to work together towards reopening.”

“Obviously at this point it is not a done deal, but we are communicating and there is a willingness to recognize that what´s good for them is good for us and that´s encouraging,” he adds.

Saturday´s rally is being organized by Jeff Mitchell, the Publisher of the Ledger Dispatch who says he expects thousands to be on hand to show support for Halvorson and the dealerships.

“This is basically the community saying ‘for the last 45 years that you have been in business you have been giving to us, and if there is anything we can do to help you we´re going to do it,”´ says Mitchell.

Halvorson and his wife Lori have been active members of the community and donated time and money to numerous local causes. Halvorson is unsure whether Saturday´s rally will have an effect in the decision making process of GMAC, but says, “It can´t hurt.”

“In the GM community, if people didn´t know about Amador County before, they certainly do now,” adds Halvorson. “I just thank everyone for that support and hopefully there will be a positive outcome to all of this.”

Written by BJ Hansen