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Avoiding A House Fire

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Sonora, CA– With the winter months finally here, Cal Fire is reminding residents how important it is to practice fire safety inside the home.
According to Twain Harte Battalion Chief Barry Rudolph of Cal Fire, there are many ways a home fire can start.

“One of the most common causes this time of year is a flue fire,” said Rudolph. “It’s one that originates from a fireplace that has either been improperly installed or is not cleaned. That fire breaches the flue and enters the attic and starts the house on fire.  Another common cause we see is overloaded electrical circuits and space heaters that are put too close to combustible materials.”

Rudolph added that it’s important to never leave a fire in a fireplace unattended. A metal or glass screen should always be in front of the fireplace opening so that hot material does not reach the living room area.

It’s also important to keep all flammables away from heat sources, kerosene heaters should not be used inside a home, wood stoves should be UL approved, properly cleaned and inspected annually. The furnace should also be inspected annually.

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