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Congressman Radonovich Reflects On 4th Of July

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California’s 19th Congressional District Representative George Radanovich, took time out from his office in Washington D.C., to reflect what this upcoming Holiday means to him.

The Congressman said that he likes to read the works of the Founding Fathers and study how they all came together to create this country, while making great strides for freedom in this world.

Radanovich said, “When you look at the amount of talent that was organized into one place, at one point in history, to take advantage of charting a new country that talked about freedom for Americans, where they could live their lives out, you can’t help but think that it was directed from the hand of God. There was an overall purpose for the United States.”

“We’re all moving from tyranny to freedom and the Unites States has since then, led the way in showing the world how to govern themselves in being able to live freely. For all of those reasons, I think the Fourth of July is a wonderful time to celebrate the great advantage that we have in human history.”

Congressman Radanovich will be retiring at the end of his term in January of 2011.

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