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Bergstrom Claims Wrongful Termination

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Sonora, CA — Mark Bergstrom, former CEO of the Sonora Area Foundation, has filed a Government Tort Claim against the SAF Board of Directors claiming Wrongful Termination.

Bergstrom alleges board “conflict of interest” matters and “board self dealing” taking place by the supporting organization of the Sonora Area Foundation, the Irving J. Symons Foundation Board. The claim states that four board members resigned over “conflict of interest issues” from March 2009 through October 2009.

The claim was written and submitted in anticipation of litigation by Bergstrom and his attorney James E. McGlamery of Sacramento.

The Sonora Area Foundation Board of Directors has issued a statement in response reading, “The Sonora Area Foundation has received a claim from its former employee, Mark Bergstrom, which has apparently been made public. Mr. Bergstrom’s employment was terminated in December 2009 by a unanimous vote of the Foundation’s board. During his 10 month tenure at the Foundation, Mr. Bergstrom lost the confidence and trust of the Directors in his ability to lead the Foundation. The claim contains allegations which are blatantly false. If Mr. Bergstrom elects to file a lawsuit based on these claims, the Foundation looks forward to a full and public airing of his allegations and the circumstances surrounding his termination in an appropriate judicial forum.”

Bergstrom could not be reached for comment.

The Sonora Area Foundation was founded in 1989 and has granted approximately $14 million to community organizations and causes since its establishment.

Written by bjhansen@mlode.com.