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Columbia Hosts Emergency Drill

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Columbia, CA — An emergency drill was carried out at Columbia College.

On Wednesday, members of the school and law enforcement community simulated what they would do if an armed intruder was on campus.

According to Sgt. Jeff Wilson with the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, two different scenarios were played out utilizing the Oak Pavilion and Manzanita Building.

At the pavilion, the scenario involved four armed suspects opening fire on students and staff. Several role players were acting as injured or dead victims as SWAT teams made entry and secured a triage area. They then began a systematic search of the building to catch the assailants.

At the Manzanita Building, the scenario involved a person armed with a handgun and a vest of explosives. The SWAT team secured victims and neutralized the explosives.

Participants included SWAT teams from the Tuolumne County and Calaveras County Sheriff’s Offices, Columbia College Campus Security, Columbia College Fire, Tuolumne County Emergency Medical Services and Tuolumne County Dispatch.

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