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Cogdill Awarded Profile In Courage

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Boston, CA – District 14 Republican State Senator Dave Cogdill was one of four lawmakers to receive the 2010 Profile in Courage Award Monday at a ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.

Cogdill went against his party by including tax increases in last year’s budget compromise. Cogdill says he is a fiscal conservative, but there was no other choice.

"Nowadays, many if not all Republicans run on a platform extolling the virtues of Ronald Reagan," stated Cogdill. "I share their admiration, and the truth is he was a Republican who as California Governor was forced by circumstances to raise taxes."

"In fact, all three succeeding Republican Governors over the last 50 years faced a similar dilemma, and all of them had no choice but to approve tax increases as part of a budget compromise."

The award was created in honor of President Kennedy and is given to recognize the work of elected public servants.

This year’s award was presented to the lawmakers that negotiated the¬†budget compromise. They include¬†two Democrats, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, and two Republicans, former Senate Minority Leader Cogdill and former Assembly Minority Leader Mike Villines.

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